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Collection: Puppy Name Tags

Every pup deserves a grand debut, and what better way to introduce them to the world than with our exclusive puppy name tag collection? From the bustling parks of London to the serene countryside walks in the Cotswolds, your puppy will make a statement that’s as fresh and lively as their spirit.

Our collection elegantly captures the essence of youthful exuberance in two splendid finishes: the warm allure of gold-coloured brass and the timeless sheen of silver stainless steel. Both materials, carefully chosen, reflect the bright future ahead for every young pup while ensuring durability for their boundless energy and playful escapades.

Crafted with the smallest breeds in mind, from the sprightly Yorkshire Terriers to the ever-curious French Bulldogs, each tag is a seamless blend of style and function. The delicate size perfectly complements their tiny stature while allowing ample space for personalisation.

Choose a classic name engraving, perhaps with a touch of whimsy to match their puppy antics, or keep it essential with contact details for those little adventurers who might stray too far from the picnic blanket. Every letter, laser-engraved with precision, ensures that your pup's introduction to the world is as clear as their infectious bark.

The joy of bringing a new puppy home is unparalleled, and our collection is designed to celebrate this unique chapter. Whether it's the golden warmth of brass for those sunny personalities or the cool sophistication of stainless steel for the calm and composed pups, we've got the perfect tag to suit their budding personalities.

Begin your puppy's journey in style. After all, in the vibrant world of puppyhood, it’s the first impression that counts, and our tags are here to make it shine.