About Us

Welcome to The Stately Hound, a haven of luxury pet fashion founded in 2019, where every paw steps in style! Here, we've crafted a curated collection of exquisite canine essentials, each meticulously handmade in the UK with love and care.

Our mission? To offer discerning pet owners the perfect balance of elegance and functionality. Whether it's a personalised collar, a bespoke sweater, or a chic accessory, we believe that every pet deserves to strut their stuff in style.

At The Stately Hound, we don't just sell products; we celebrate the unique bond between pets and their owners. It's a bond that's as timeless as it is precious, and we're here to honour it in every stitch and design.

So, whether you're browsing for the perfect gift or simply treating your furry friend to a little luxury, join our pack and embark on a stylish journey filled with unmatched flair, endless tail wags, and a whole lot of woofs!