Dog Collar Size Guide: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Pet

Are you looking for the perfect dog collar for your furry friend? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to dog collar sizes. We will also include a chart that lists the average neck sizes of popular dog breeds, as well as our recommendations for the best collar size for each breed. By the end of this post, you will be able to find the perfect collar for your dog, no matter what their size or breed!

Why is it important to get the right collar size?

A properly fitted collar is essential for your dog's safety and comfort. A collar that is too loose can come off easily, which could lead to your dog running away or getting lost. A collar that is too tight can restrict your dog's breathing and even cause injury.

How to measure your dog's neck for a collar

To measure your dog's neck for a collar, you will need a soft tape measure. Place the tape measure around your dog's neck where the collar will sit. Make sure the tape measure is snug, but not too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the tape measure and your dog's neck.

Dog collar size chart

The following chart lists the average neck sizes of popular dog breeds, as well as our recommendations for the best collar size for each breed.

Breed of Dog Adult dog neck size (cm) Adult dog neck size (inches)
Afghan Hound 41-51cm 16-20"
AiredaleTerrier 48-55cm 19-22"
Alaskan Malamute 46-56cm 18-22″
Australian Shepherd 41-56cm 16-22″
Australian Shepherd Miniature 25-36cm 10-14"
Basset Hound 42-51cm 17-20″
Beagle 41-46cm 16-18″
Bearded Collie 41-48cm 16-19"
Bedlington Terrier 35-45cm 14-18″
Bernese Mountain Dog 51-56cm 20-22"
Bichon Frise 35-46cm 14-18″
Bloodhound 59-71cm 22-28"
Border Collie 41-46cm 16-18"
Border Terrier 28-33cm 11-13″
Borzoi 46-56cm 18-22"
Boston Terrier 30-45cm 12-18″
Boxer 41-56cm 16-22″
British Bulldog 46cm-61cm 18-24"
Bullmastiff 66-71cm 26-28"
Cairn Terrier 37-42cm 14-16″
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 25-36cm 10-14″
Cavachon 25-36cm 10-14"
Cavapoo 25-41cm 10-16"
Chihuahua 20-32cm 8-13"
Chinese Crested 20-28cm 8-11″
Chow Chow 50-65cm 20-26″
Cockapoo 25-41cm 10-16"
Cocker Spaniel 30-46cm 12-18″
Collie 46-56cm 18-22"
Corgi 36-41cm 14-16"
Dachshund (Standard) 30-41cm 12-16″
Dalmatian 41-50cm 16-20″
Doberman Pinscher 46-61cm 18-24″
English Bulldog 45-62cm 18-24″
English Bull Terrier 30-46cm 12-18"
English Setter 46-61cm 18-24″
Flat Coated Retriever 46-61cm 18-24
French Bulldog 30-41cm 12-16″
Fox Terrier 41-45cm 16-18"
German Shepherd 46-60cm 18-24"
German Short Haired Pointer 38-43cm 15-17″
Golden Retriever 45-53cm 18-21"
Goldendoodle 41-56cm 16-22"
Gordon Setter 46-61cm 18-24"
Great Dane 51-66cm 20-26″
Greyhound 46-50cm 18-20"
Havanese 20-30cm 8-12″
Irish Setter 41-45cm 16-18"
Irish Terrier 35-45cm 14-18"
Irish Wolfhound 55-65cm 22-26"
Italian Greyhound 20-28cm 8-11″
Jack Russell 25-36cm 10-14″
Japanese Akita 51-61cm 20-24"
Labradoodle 41-50cm 16-20"
Labradoodle Miniature 30-41cm 12-16″
Labrador 46-60cm 18-24"
Leonberger 51-66cm 20-26"
Lhasa Apso 35-45cm 14-18"
Lurcher 35-42cm 14-17"
Maltese Terrier 25-36cm 10-14″
Miniature Dachshund 20-34cm 8-13″
Miniature Goldendoodle 35-41cm 14-16″
Miniature Pinscher 20-28cm 8-11″
Miniature Poodle 25-41cm 10-16″
Miniature Schnauzer 25-41cm 10-16″
Newfoundland 66-81cm 26-32"
Old English Sheepdog 46-61cm 18-24"
Pomeranian 35-41cm 14-16"
Poodle 30-45cm 12-18″
Poodle (Toy) 20-36cm 8-14″
Pug 30-41cm 12-16″
Puggle (Pug/Beagle) 30-46cm 12-18"
Rhodesian Ridgeback 51-58cm 20-23"
Rottweiler 61-76cm 24-30"
Saluki 33-46cm 13-18"
Samoyed 41-51cm 16-20"
Schipperke 25-36cm 10-14"
Schnauzer (Standard) 36-51cm 14-20″
Scottish Terrier 35-45cm 14-18"
Shiba Inu 35-41cm 14-16"
Shih Tzu 35-42cm 14-16.5"
Shetland Sheepdog 28-46cm 11-18"
Siberian Husky 46-50cm 18-20"
Springer Spaniel 36-46cm 14-18″
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 45-60cm 18-24"
St Bernard 66-81cm 26-32"
Hungarian Vizsla 38-66cm 15-18"
Weimaraner 41-56cm 16-22″
Welsh Cardigan Corgi 35-40cm 14-16"
Welsh Pembroke Corgi 35-40cm 14-16"
West Highland Terrier 35-41cm 13-15″
Whippet 33-38cm 13-15″
Yorkshire Terrier 25-30cm 10-12"

Tips for choosing the right dog collar

  • In addition to the breed, you should also consider your dog's activity level when choosing a collar. If your dog is a high-energy breed that loves to run and play, you will need a collar that is made from durable materials and that is designed to withstand wear and tear.

  • If your dog is prone to pulling on the leash, you will need a collar that has a strong leash attachment. A martingale collar is a good option for dogs that pull, as it tightens when they pull, but it does not choke them.

  • If your dog is a small breed or has a sensitive neck, you may want to choose a collar made from soft materials, such as nylon or leather.


By following the tips in this blog post, you can find the perfect dog collar for your furry friend. A properly fitted collar is essential for your dog's safety and comfort, so take the time to measure your dog's neck and choose the right collar size.

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