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    We've got the coolest collection of pet tags in the UK! Whether you're looking for engraved tags personalised with your pets name and contact details, stylish photo tags, or nameless ID tags, we've got you covered with durable silver stainless steel and gold coloured brass. And the best part? Our long-lasting, luxury dog tags are available for cats too! Keep your fur baby safe and stylish with our pawesome pet tags.

    Having a pet tag for your pup or kitty is important for all kinds of reasons. Not only does it provide valuable information in case they ever get lost, but it’s also a fun way to show off their unique personalities!

    Here at The Stately Hound, we are proud to provide custom engraved pet tags for your furry little friends. Each of our different tags can be customised to your liking with intricate engravings so your pet can remain identified and safe in style.

    Buy Engraved Pet Tags from The Stately Hound

    When you choose to purchase your next pet tag from us, your pet will be sure to stand out with their personalised tag. Whether you’re looking for a tag that reflects their favourite activity or one that showcases their silly side, we’ve got something for every type of pup or kitty.

    Best of all, our custom-engraved pet tags are made from high-quality materials so they'll last for many happy years to come!

    No matter what kind of personality your pet has, The Stately Hound has the perfect custom-engraved pet tags to match. Browse our selection below to find the right one for you. If you have any questions, reach out to us today.

    68 products


    If you're unsure about what information to include on your dog's ID name tag, don't worry! This handy guide will provide you with the necessary details required by UK Law.

    Although the law, known as the Control of Dogs Order 1992, may seem a little outdated as it was implemented before the era of easy access to GPS and the internet, it's still relevant today. According to the law, any dog in a public place should have the owner's name and address either inscribed on the collar or on a name plate or disc attached to it.

    Here's an example of what you should include on your dog's ID tag:

    Example 1:
    A Barker
    52 / PAW 01S
    07010 123456 (optional)

    Example 2:
    A Barker
    52 Woof Street
    PAW 01S
    07010 123456 (optional)

    In both examples, including your telephone number is optional, but we highly recommend it since most of us own smartphones.

    The size of the dog name tag you need depends on various factors, including the size and breed of your dog, as well as your personal preference.

    Generally, for cats, smaller breeds or puppies, a 20mm tag may be suitable. Medium-sized dogs often do well with a 25mm tag, while larger breeds may require a 30mm tag for better visibility.

    Consider the space needed to accommodate the necessary information comfortably.

    Ultimately, choose a size that allows for clear legibility and ensures your dog's identification is easily readable.

    Including your dog's name on their tag is a personal decision. While it can create a sense of familiarity and help identify your pet, some owners prefer not to display their dog's name for security reasons. Instead, opt for using a phone number, your last name or just the phrase "Lost Dog" along with contact details to ensure your furry friend can be easily reunited with you.

    If you'd rather not include your pets name, here are a few other examples many of our customers opt for instead.

    • Beloved Companion
    • Call my Humans!
    • I'm Chipped
    • I'm Deaf
    • Lost Dog
    • Microchipped
    • Needs Meds

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