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Collection: Silver Stainless Steel Pet Name Tags

In the sleek world of UK pet fashion, silver stainless steel is the hallmark of timeless elegance. Introducing our custom collection of silver stainless steel pet name tags, a harmonious blend of style and strength. Tailored for the elegant English Bulldogs of Bristol, the dapper Dachshunds of Durham, and even the chic Chinchillas of Chelsea, these tags offer a sheen that's both sophisticated and timeless.

Offering sizes that celebrate dogs and cats alike, from the Chihuahuas chasing in Cornwall to the majestic Mastiffs marching in Manchester, there's a shimmering tag designed for every pet. Dive deeper, and you’ll find a myriad of personalisation options. Choose a classic name engraving on the front with contact details on the flip side, or keep it discreet with an "I'm chipped" message, finished with essential contact info.

Seeking a touch of whimsy? Our collection features tags with light-hearted sayings, while our luxury designs shimmer with intricate patterns that catch the light just right. And for those seasonal sentiments? We’ve got novelty tags for special occasions like Christmas.

Crafted with the precision only stainless steel can provide, our tags offer a waterproof shine that lasts. Laser engraving ensures every letter stands out, catching the light and attention alike. And, making the attachment a breeze, each tag comes with two split rings to grace your pet’s collar effortlessly.

Searching for that impeccable gift for the discerning pet owner? Our tags, presented in a bespoke gift box, are sure to delight. Dive into a world where your pet's identity glimmers with every step, for in the illustrious world of pet fashion, it's the shimmering tag that seals the look.