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Welcome to The Stately Hound

Discover our curated collection of exquisite canine essentials, many handmade in the UK. We bring pawsome style to discerning pet owners, offering the perfect balance of elegance and functionality. From chic accessories to tail-wagging apparel, we celebrate the unique bond between pets and their owners. Join our pack and embark on a stylish journey filled with unmatched flair and a whole lot of woofs!


Design Your Pet’s Perfect Tag

Explore our bespoke pet tags and personalise a unique design for your furry friend today!

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Sighthound Chic

Stylish Leather Collars

Elevate your greyhound or whippet's style with our range collars.

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Snuggle Up

Dreamy Beds & Blankets

Indulge in ultimate comfort with our plush, hypoallergenic dog beds and blankets.

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