Size Guide - Harness

When measuring your dog for a harness, you'll need two measurements - one for the neck and one for the waist (also known as the girth). Using a tape, measure the base of the neck and the circumference of the chest. Be sure to add a couple of fingers underneath to allow a little extra room - you don't want the tape to be too tight. 

In the guide below we've added typical breeds based our experience, however we'd always recommend measuring your pup where possible.


To Fit Neck To Fit Waist Typical Breeds
Small 25-35cm 35-56cm Chihuahuas
Mini Daxies
Mini Ausies
Yorkshire Terriers
Medium 30-46cm   46-71cm  

Border Terrier
Mini Poodle

Large 40-53cm 61-97cm Beagle
Cocker Spaniel
French Bulldog
Small Labradors

Springer Spaniel