Size Guide - Hound Collar & Lead

Our size guide below is for guidance only. Where possible, we recommend measuring your dog's neck. 

How to Measure your Dog for a Hound Collar

With a measuring tape, measure around your dog's neck where the collar would naturally sit, inserting a couple of your fingers underneath the tape for comfort. This measurement will allow you to select the most appropriate sized collar from the size range listed next to each collar size. 

For example, if your dogs neck is 30cm, then you would select a 'medium' hound collar as the size range is from 28cm - 34cm. 

Collar Size To Fit Neck Typical Breeds 

24 - 31cm

9.5 - 12"

Italian Greyhound

28 - 34cm

11 - 13.5"


33 - 41cm

13 - 16"

Large Whippet & Small Greyhounds

38 - 46cm

15 - 18"

Greyhounds & Large Sighthounds


Lead Size Width Length
Slim 15mm 99cm
Standard 19mm 99cm