Is Omega Salmon Oil?

No, the fish oil in our Omega supplement is derived from anchovies and sardines sustainably sourced mainly off the coast of Peru, with some from Morocco. Sardines and anchovies are currently the most sustainable species with healthy populations. There are some claims that farmed species are sustainable, however the feed used for the farms are causing more damage to fish populations. The current small vessel catch of sardines and low chain fish are proving the most sustainable.

Can Omega be used together with other joint supplements?

Yes, it can be used together with other supplements.

Would Omega help with my dog's itchy skin?

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid that the body needs but cannot produce naturally. If you have an itchy dog, natural supplements with Omega-3s can calm sensitive skin and help to reduce the itching and scratching.

Can Omega be given to a puppy?

Yes, Omega can be given to puppies older than 12-weeks. However, just to be sure it’s ok in your particular case, we always recommend checking with your veterinarian first as they will know your pup the best.  

How long should it take to see the results?

All dogs are different and their condition varies but most of our customers notice changes between 2–4 weeks of using the supplement, if not earlier.