Will Chomper clean the tartar and plaque off my dogs teeth?

Chomper works best when combined with regular brushing and is not its replacement. It works by dissolving the existing plaque and tartar build up making it softer and easier to remove by chewing or brushing. Used systematically, it helps to prevent new dental plaque build up and in maintaining fresh breath.

Will Chomper work on dry food?

Yes, you can mix it with wet or dry food.

Are there any health conditions when using Chomper is not advised?

We don't recommend Chomper for dogs with hyperthyroidism due to high amounts of iodine found in kelp that can overstimulate dog's thyroid glands.

Can Chomper be given to a puppy?

Yes, it can. However, we would recommend start using Chomper once your puppy's teeth are replaced with its adult teeth.

How long should it take to see results?

All dogs are different and the amount of tartar will be different in each case, so the results can vary. However, most of our customers notice changes between 3–8 weeks of daily use the supplement, if not earlier.