Is Berri a remedy for UTI or just a preventative

Berri is a dog food supplement, not a medicine, and so it should be treated as such. Its natural ingredients are known for their beneficial properties when it comes to maintaining bladder and kidney health and offer an alternative choice of treating urinary tract infections. While it helped dogs do both – cure and prevent, it all depends on the dog's condition. We always recommend checking with the vet prior to using any supplements as they will know your dog's medical history and will be able to recommend the best treatment available.

Is Berri gluten free


My dog is allergic to chicken. Does Berri actually contain chicken protein, or is it an artificial flavouring?

No, there is no chicken in the chicken flavouring we use in our supplement. It is a synthetic flavour added to dextrose. Diabetic dogs should consult a vet before using the supplement, due to the dextrose used in the flavouring as it may not be suitable for them.

Will Berri help my puppy control their bladder?

Berri was designed to help maintain a healthy bladder in dogs prone to urinary infections. It is not a toilet training aid for puppies.

Can Berri be given to a puppy?

Yes, in most cases Berri can be given to puppies older than 12-weeks. However, just to be sure it’s ok in your particular case, we always recommend checking with your veterinarian first as they will know best.  

Are these tablets hard or soft and chewy?

Berri tablets are hard but can be cut in half or ground into a powder using a kitchen mortar and pestle or a tablet grinder.

How long should it take to see the results?

All dogs are different and their condition varies but most of our customers notice changes between 2–4 weeks of using the supplement, if not earlier.