'Making a Spectacle' by Peter Clarke

Dog Collages by Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke uses collage and mark-making in such an innovative and humorous way, to create beautifully whimsical dog portraits.

Ore Originals

SIX Red Dog Bowls

Wondering what to get your favourite pooch this Valentine’ Day? Well, they do say the way to a dog’s heart is through …

Shop Deary Gypsy

5 Valentine’s Day Dog Cards

We always get a bit gushy in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, and this year’s been no exception. Stately HQ …


Train Your Dog Month

Ever get the feeling your missing out? Our pals over in the States are celebrating the fifth annual National Train Your Dog Month! (We …

Blondie the Chihuahua by Woof Models

Delightful Dog Portraits by Woof Models

Whether it’s of yourself, a family member or you’ve fallen in love with one of the portraits in Woof Models online gallery – there’s something to cater for any artistic canines tastes.

PETME Love Adoption

PETME Love Adoption

Well there’s nothing quite like starting the New Year in style, and style is something these guys have in abundance! Spring Wardrobe …

PURE Naturally Dehydrated Dog Food

PURE Naturally Dehydrated Dog Food

Using fresh and raw, human grade Meat, Fish, Fruit & Vegetables, PURE dehydrates the ingredients making the food around four times as dense in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Wanna be in Marlene’s Gang?

Well you better join the back of the pack, because this queue is long and STRICTLY for the privileged few. Forget Soho …

Introducing the Meryn Dog Collar

Introducing the Meryn Dog Collar

Just when we thought we could never get excited by a bit of leather again, our tails are wagging with the prospect of getting our paws on these luxury dog collars and leads by Meryn.