Jubilee Celebrations!

We’re fast approaching Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. An exciting weekend where we can all be merry and fill up on far too many pastry and sweet goodnesses. 

But what about our pups? As we all know, Queen Elizabeth loves having her four legged Corgi pals by her side, so it’s only right that our best friends get to celebrate with us this year. 

Whilst we all know that our pups would appreciate a posh collar and lead set or an ID tag (after all, they want to be super smart just like we do), there are plenty of other activities that you can do with your dog to make them feel super special. 


This year Dogstival is making a return at the Broadlands Estate, Romsey near Southampton. It’s the very place that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip spent their honeymoon in 1947!

The event takes place from the 4th to the 5th June and you can bet there will be lots of things to do with your best friend such as dog shows, a fun fair, the “barking mad comedy squad” as well as countless other activities and tasty treats to try! 


If you’re near Manchester on the 3rd of June, why not pop along to the Lowton Dogs Country Club. 

There will will Whippet racing, obstacle and agility activities as well as scent games and numerous dog shows that you can enter your do, such as “Most Regal Rescue Dog” and “Cutest Puppy”.


As it’s an extended weekend, surely it only makes sense that there would be extra time to go on a specially extended dog walk too? Queen Elizabeth herself used to be the president of the National Trust (a duty now held by The Prince of Wales). 

There are some fantastic walks located all over the United Kingdom where you can take the family for some playful times. The National Trusts Locations for Dog Walks has all the information you need to pick the best location for you, your family and furry friend! 


It seems that the world of TikTok and Instagram are engrossed in doggy baking and what could be better than to share some baking with your little furry chef? 

The Three Pupperteers have certainly gone a long way to inspire us to get involved in more baking with our best friends and we would challenge you to do the same for the Eden Projects very own Big Jubilee Lunch on Sunday 5th June. 

If you’re wanting a little bit of inspiration, you can visit Battersea Dogs Homes very own recipe for a dog friendly cake (originally a birthday cake, but dogs would surely argue that everyday should be celebrated anyway). 


Should all of the above not appeal to your lazy pup? Then sometimes there is nothing better than putting your feet up for a well earned rest. Remember that our pups love lazy days just as much as we do!

Grab your pooch a few bags of our Natural Healthy Dog Treats, get comfortable on the sofa and get ready to enjoy the four day weekend with all the celebrations that go with it!